About Me

You can call me Andre, though some know me as drepram or Andre Christoga Pramaditya.

As a software engineer, my work consists of JavaScript (ES5+, TypeScript, React, Vue, Express, Node.js, Next.js, Jest, Svelte), Python (Flask, TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn), and more (Ruby, Jekyll, Tailwind CSS) with Agila framework in mind.

As a college student, I am pursuing a B.Sc. in Physics from the University of Indonesia, where I am a Bangkit 2023 Machine Learning graduate and an IISMA 2023 Awardee at Radboud University. My study interest is in Instrumentation Physics, where I work with embedded systems and multispectral vision.

Joy rushes into my vein every time I realize that what I am creating, building, and assembling will help someone through something. Creating a simple web app that runs on Vanilla JS that turned a 10-minute task into 10 seconds, a blazing-fast student name finder built on Svelte that helped students that are speedrunning a group project, and a mobile application that recommends fashion products based on computer vision; all of these creations gave me the same rush and it is as incredible as it proliferates from time to time. I love developing projects from a rough idea into a finished product, as the quality of the work will always show the effort that comes into the creation process.

If you would like to see my resume or would like to contact me, you can reach me at caxvis[at]gmail[com].