Microsoft Indonesia, Jakarta (2018)

Hi, I'm Andre. I write software, and I'm a high school senior.

My full name is Andre Christoga Pramaditya (prum ยท uh ยท dit ยท ya), people usually call me Andre or mononymously drepram.

I've been dabbling with computers since I was 10, dropped out of formal schools, and have been doing software engineering as a part-time job as I wait for my high school diploma.
This life story of mine was made into a documentary film by an Indonesian media.

I'm available for freelance work! Feel free to email me at caxvis[at]gmail[dot]com and you can take a look at my portfolio while doing so.

Nowadays, I spend my time reading books and articles, I also like to watch TV series and movies occasionally just to see the world in another point of view. If it's an early morning or a late afternoon, I usually take my bike out and cycle around the city. When I happen to feel like it, I would write on my blog.

You could also find other identities of me on the Internet!

โžค I use Twitter actively, either responding to someone's tweets, or writing a tweet intellectually or shitpostingly.
โžค I'm on LinkedIn just for the sake of professionality. It's basically a public CV of mine at this point.
โžค I'm on GitHub because what kind of engineer's not on it nowadays, I either look at interesting tech or just what my friends recently stars.
โžค And last but not least, I'm active on Instagram a.k.a the social media everyone uses, catch me on my personal and photography account.