Microsoft Indonesia, Jakarta (2018)

๐Ÿ‘‹ Hi! I'm a 15-year-old artist/engineer from Indonesia. Currently traveling in China.

I'm Andre Christoga Pramaditya (prum ยท uh ยท dit ยท ya), people usually call me Andre or mononymously drepram. I create art with logic, photos and sometimes voice.

My time are mostly taken by studying {Math, Physics} and working {Software Engineering, Graphic Design}. My leisures are spent watching {Baby, TEOTFW, Silicon Valley, Rick and Morty}, rambling {about math, computer science, philosophy}, reading {N.N. Taleb, A. Boediman}, and working out.

I use Twitter passively, do not use LinkedIn in the right way, share some code on GitHub, and post photos weekly on Instagram.

I track my music with, the recent 18 tracks that I've played would be showed on moeziq, and I also discuss things on

You can take a look at my portfolio, feel free to reach me via email with, and you could encrypt messages to me using my Keybase key.